AP Gov Daily Assignments

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In class, groups worked on research for the presidential profile project.
HW: Finish chapter 12.  Finish research/presentation (due Wed/Thur) – You will have some time to work in class Monday/Tuesday.  We will not have a quiz on chapter 12, but after Thanksgiving Break, a mid-unit test on chapter 11 and 12.  It will take place on Friday of the week back.

In class, we discussed election results and started work on chapter 12 with prior knowledge discussion and some notes.
HW: Finish reading chapter 12.

In class, students completed an FRQ, scored, and reflected upon the FRQ in class.  They started work on Analyzing Presidential Decisions – You can work as groups or with a partner on the presidential decision activity (one member should be taking notes).  PERIOD 3 – If you would like to take part in a short “mock election” please stop by tomorrow to fill out a ballot at anytime during the day.  I will have copies of mock ballots available.
HW: Read/notes on chapter 12

In class, we worked on a congressional committee simulation using peer created bills/resolutions.
HW: Read chapter 12

In class, students looked at individual ballots from their district using Ballot Address Locator.  They compiled a pro/con list for each of the shared ballot initiatives.  As a small group, deciding on one idea to share, they posted pro/con ideas on poster paper and predicted the likelihood of the initiative passing (and why). They then had time to work independently on their own bill/resolution.
HW: Read chapter 12 – Work on bill/resolution – You will have some time Wed/Thur to type your bill/resolution in class. It is due to turnitin.com by Thursday 11/1 at 11:59PM.

MONDAY/TUESDAY 10/29-10/30
In class, we presented bill research from govtrack and started working on individual bills/resolutions.
HW: Read chapter 12 – Work on bill/resolution – You will have some time Wed/Thur to type your bill/resolution in class. It is due to turnitin.com by Thursday 11/1 at 11:59PM.

FRIDAY 10/26
In class, students completed the chapter 11 quiz and worked on the bill presentations.
HW: Finish bill presentation – be ready to present Monday/Tuesday.  Begin reading chapter 12.

In class, we did some review of chapter 11 before working on a small project for bills in congress.  Visit  www.govtrack.us/
As a small group, choose a bill from the list, and sign up for the bill.  Read through the bill, and create a presentation summarizing the bill, discussing the authoring and tracking of the bill, and your own evaluation looking at pros/cons of the bill.
HW: Chapter 11 quiz Friday; Presentation due Monday/Tuesday.

In class, we revisited the primary sources before begin a discussion, text analysis, and independent reading on critiquing congress.
HW: Have chapter 11 done by next week – finish the article on a Divided Congress by next week.  Answer the questions at the end of the reading on a separate document.

MONDAY/TUESDAY 10/15-10/16
In class, small groups worked on the roles in congress (from legislates to constitutional powers).  They looked at some primary source documents to match to the roles of congress.
HW: No assigned homework (academic mindfulness week)

THURSDAY-FRIDAY 10/11-/10/12
In class, period 4 had a discussion about current events and the PSAT on Thursday.  On Friday, the class worked through part of chapter 11 (how a bill becomes a law).

We did not have a formal class today because most of the class was taking the PSAT test. We will pick up with chapter 11 Friday.
HW: Read chapter 11 by Friday

In class, we started discussing congress and the breakdown of the 115th session.  We discussed note strategies and due dates (independent per student).  This is the start of our second unit.  I will have the chapter 11 study guide up by the end of the day today. It can be found in the Unit 2 resources.
HW: Read chapter 11 by Friday

In class, we discussed satire and fake news a bit more as a transition to our next unit.
HW: Catch Up – no assigned homework, but if you want to start reading chapter 11 – we will be starting this on Monday/Tuesday.

In class, students completed the multiple-choice exam over unit 1.  I was out for a potion of class for a meeting in period 4, so once students were complete, they had the opportunity to work on some other things.  If you would like to view a video (TedTalkesque) on satire versus fake news, CLICK HERE.
HW: Take a brief break – you can begin reading/working through chapter 11.  We will start working with that chapter next week.

In class, we did some text analysis, document review, and complete part 1 of the unit 1 exam (FRQ).  Wed/Thur will be the multiple choice exam for unit 1.
HW: CLICK HERE for the Unit 1 Study Guide passed out in class – STUDY.  Satire analysis essay – Due to turnitin.com by 10/2 at 11:59PM (I will collect the sheet you fill out on Wed/Thur.  I also realized some of you might still not have the codes to sign up for turnitin.com.  They can be found below:
Period 3 – Class ID: 19128529         Enrollment Key: russelldsap3
Period 4 – Class ID: 19128548         Enrollment Key: russelldsap4

In class, we caught up on a few things from the week – discussed McCulloch v. Maryland, compared cases, talked about Unit 1 exam next week.  CLICK HERE for the Unit 1 Study Guide passed out in class.
HW: Satire analysis essay – Due to turnitin.com by 10/2 at 11:59PM (I will collect the sheet you fill out on Wed/Thur of next week.  Unit 1 exam (FRQ #1 on Mon/Tue) and (MC section on Wed/Thur).

In class, groups looked over and reviewed Brutus 1 before discussing the three foundational documents we have read the past few days.  Once completed with this discussion, on the computers, students researched McCulloch vs. Maryland,
and filled out a “case briefing” sheet with the information on this case before discussing issues with the case.
HW: Unit 1 exam will be next week (beginning on 10/1-10/4).  Satire analysis essay due to turnitin.com by Tuesday 10/2 at 11:59PM.  If you do not have turnitin.com codes – see me.

In class, the class read and did a short reading assessment on Federalist 51.  We started talking about fiscal federalism and found examples in modern society.
HW: Unit 1 exam will be next week (beginning on 10/1-10/4).  Satire analysis essay due to turnitin.com by Tuesday 10/2 at 11:59PM.  If you do not have turnitin.com codes – see me.

In class, we briefly discussed Federalist #10 and viewed a short piece on the 2016 Oregon Standoff.
HW: Finish reading chapter 3.  Unit 1 exam will be Friday 9/28 OR Mon/Tue 10/1-10/2.  Satire analysis essay due to turnitin.com Tuesday 10/2 by 11:59PM.

In class, we discussed Constitutional reform and worked through differences through enumeration, reserved, and concurrent powers.
HW: Read/annotate The Federalist Papers #10.  Continue reading chapter 3.  NO QUIZ this Friday on chapter 3.  Unit 1 exam (chapters 1,2, and 3) next Friday 9/28.

In class, students signed up for turnitin.com (see me if you were absent to get the class code).  They submitted amendment scenarios.  We had a debate after reading some opinion pieces on the three-fifths compromise, and started a discussion and reading on reforming the current Constitution.
HW: Reading of chapter 3.  Unit 1 exam next Friday (9/28).  Satire analysis assignment due 10/1-10/2.

In class, we completed the quiz over chapter 2, and students worked independently on the Amendment scenarios (you will have time to finish these next Monday/Tuesday.
HW: Begin reading chapter 3 (we will be working a bit more with ideas from 2 and starting 3 next week).  Satire analysis writing (due 10/1 or 10/2).

CLICK HERE FOR THE LINK FROM STATION 4 in class.In class, we discussed the Declaration and Articles, started to discuss the constitution, and completed some amendment activities.  CLICK HERE for crash course on the constitution and Articles of Confederation
HW: Look back through chapter 2 (especially primary sources, charts, other images) for the chapter 2 quiz Friday. Read chapter 3 – we will continue chapter 2 and work on 3 next week.  You will have a short quiz on chapter 3 on 9/21 and your exam over unit 1 will be on 9/28.

I was out ill on Monday and Tuesday – students worked on Articles of Confederation and completed an in class writing prompt regarding Declaration of Independence and Articles of Confederation.  If you were absent, we will talk Wed/Thur about make-up for this in-class writing.  If you need to reference a copy of the Declaration of Independence – CLICK HERE
HW: Finish chapter 2 – Quiz over the chapter on Friday

In class, we worked with philosophers, and started work on reading the Declaration of Independence.  
HW: Finish chapter 2.  Finish work on the Declaration annotations by next class.

In class, we finished the platform discussion and started work on chapter 2 – history and philosophy surrounding the constitution.
HW: Chapter 2 (2.1-2.4 this week) AND finish chapter 2 by next week.  Finish reading prepping your Enlightenment reading by Thursday/Friday.

In class, we took the quiz over chapter 1.  Come and see me if you need to make-up this quiz due to being absent.
HW: Read chapter 2 (sections 2.1-2.4)

In class, we discussed public policy and political culture – which led to a seminar on party platforms and divisive issues based on research completed in class by students. We also practiced with our first set of data – trends and analysis.
HW: Chapter 1 quiz on Friday.

In class, we started discussing chapter 1.  Before completing chapter 1, students took some political ideology quizzes, so we could map the class.  Take the quizzes in order.  We mapped the last quiz. The quizzes are:
After completing some notes, small groups started researching platforms of the major political parties for a brief seminar on Wednesday/Thursday.  Links to party websites can be found HERE  They specifically focused on the approach the party might have with one specific issue the class brainstormed last week.
HW: Finish research for seminar.  Chapter 1 quiz on Friday.

In class, we discussed purpose behind government and took the quiz over the summer assignment.
HW: Sign up for MyPoliSciLab if you are able.  If not, access the textbook at the top of this page and begin reading chapter 1.  Chapter 1 is due on Monday/Tuesday (I will not check notes on chapter 1).  You will have a quiz on chapter 1 Friday 8/31.

In class, we had a discussion on the definition of government while comparing to “academic” definitions.
HW: Study summer assignment notes for quiz Thursday/Friday.  Sign up for MyPoliSciLab, and begin reading chapter 1.

In class, we did course introductions, answered some quiz questions, and went over the syllabus for the course.
HW: Study summer assignment notes for quiz Thursday/Friday.  Sign up for MyPoliSciLab, and begin reading chapter 1.