AP Government and Politics

AP Government and Politics

AP U.S. Government and Politics is a year-long course designed for students with a strong interest in political philosophies, processes, and the structure of government in the United States. Students will be expected to keep up with a heavy load of reading assignments from several sources. The course covers a number of key concepts required by the AP U.S. Government and Politics Curriculum Framework. Throughout the course, current political events will be tied into discussion and assignments to enhance student understanding of class material. The primary purpose of the course, aside from preparing students for the AP Exam, is to create informed civic-minded citizens of the world. Assignments and tests are designed based on AP Exam requirements and format, but we use a variety of assessment and discussion methods to assure all students opinions and knowledge are heard.

Link to AP U.S. Government and Politics Student Syllabus and Submitted AP Audit Syllabus: Student Syllabus                  College Board Audit Syllabus

Link to AP U.S. Government and Politics Content: AP Gov and Politics Course Overview

Link to AP Government and Politics Summer Assignment: AP Government and Politics 2018

Tentative Year Long Calendar: Calendar of Units and Reading

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