Colonial Sales Day

The year is 1745 (Although you can use 2018 techniques); you are trying to attract new settlers to lands in your colony. You will work with a group of three or partnership of two and create an exciting sales pitch/Ad campaign to encourage others to settle in your colony.

Step ONE: Make sure you are an expert on your colony.  Read the section on your colony in the 13 colonies handout. Skim all topic two (2.2-2.7) in the text for valuable information about things that have happened in you colony. Things like education, religion, life for African Americans in your colony, crime and punishment, rights of colonists, social classes. While you are reading, be sure to write down all of information about your colony. Be sure to do outside research on your colony as well using the internet – There are some websites at the bottom of this page to help start your search.

Step TWO: Make sure that in your presentation your answer these essential questions about your colony.

– What is the overall history of your colony from its beginning until 1745? What is going on in your colony?

– To what extent will people coming to your colony have a better life than they will in other colonies or in England.

– Describe the political and social ideals of your colony and how they are different from other colonies/ regions.

– What factors allow people in your colony to prosper? What factors might hold some people back.

– Is your colony a middle, southern or northern colony?

How do people in your colony make money? Is it from agriculture? Trade? Etc?

– How does your colony respond to the ideas of Mercantilism (look this term up if you do not know the definition)?

– Analyze your colonies form of self government. How effective is it?

Step THREE: Write a slogan that summarizes your colony’s most outstanding feature. For example, if South Dakota were a colony someone might include Mount Rushmore in its slogan in some way as it is that states most famous landmark. Their actual tourist slogan is “Great Faces, Great Places, South Dakota!”

This slogan will be used in your sales pitch/Ad campaign. You must create a brochure for your colony. The brochure must include the slogan. Your brochure should also include at least four short paragraphs that describe the best features in four of these areas: People and reasons for settlement, Climate and Geography, Economy and occupations, Religion, and government.  Be sure to take something that others might find negative and put a positive spin on it. Make sure the information is easy to understand and make the colony sound like an appealing place to live. You may not choose to avoid mentioning undesirable conditions but you can put a positive spin on them.

Step FOUR: Brainstorm ideas for a sales presentation. You can use any method you would like to create a campaign presentation.  Put together a presentation as salespeople for your colony; create a commercial (film or perform) complete with a jingle; Create several posters (Ads) that highlight different ideas about your colony – all incorporating your slogan in some way; Another choice – your choice (come and talk to me).  You can be modern or authentic in your approach.

Step FIVE: Create the final product and make sure you have your brochure.

Step SIX: Rehearse the Presentation. Each team’s presentation should be between 3-6 minutes.  If you go over, it is okay, but try to keep it within the time limit.

The COLONIAL SALES DAY will take place next week starting on Wednesday/Thursday and continuing on Friday.

Websites with info about some of the colonies:

New York:


The Carolinas: South and North Carolina were divided into two separate colonies in 1729

South Carolina:

North Carolina:



Rhode Island:


New Jersey: