Daily Assignments

In class, periods 5, 7, and 8 took the test.  6th period worked on catch up and will take the test next Tuesday.
HW: Read and take notes on 3.3 by next Wednesday/Thursday.

In class, we discussed the guest speaker from Wednesday, and worked on finishing the lead-in to war simulation and notes.  Some groups were able to finish and present propaganda pieces debating with the opposing side.
HW: If assigned in class, finish the back side of the simulation page (period 5) – Period 7 did not finish notes, so the back side was not assigned.

I was gone Monday and Tuesday we worked through the same activities as Monday – Students did some reading and notes on people of the revolution before looking at a poem about George Washington by Phyllis Wheatley as a primary source.  We will pick up with road to the revolution and propaganda of British acts Wednesday/Thursday.
HW:  Finish the poem questions from Wheatley’s Ode to Washington – only the front side. You will have a product test/quiz over notes from class and 3.1, 3.2 THIS Friday 11/9.  You can use the notes from class, but 3.1 and 3.2 cannot be used.

In class, we worked a bit more on the road to revolution simulation before starting on POV propaganda based upon the British acts (Stamp, Townshend, Currency, Intolerable, and Sugar).
HW: Finish 3.2 notes and reading – notes will be informally checked Wed/Thur of next week.

In class, we completed a simulation about the British taxing colonists that heated the class a bit…we did some notes on colonial living, and started the road to the revolution.
HW: Read/notes on 3.1…try to read/notes on 3.2 by Friday (I will not be checking, so do not worry if you do not finish – you will have no assigned homework over the weekend).

FRIDAY 10/26
In class, we performed our Jonathan Edwards interpretations, and finished work on the document reading.  I passed back the last test.
HW: By Tuesday (per 6/8) and Wednesday (per 5/7) read and take notes on 3.1.  Finish the packet from class if needed by Monday/Tuesday.  By next Friday, if you are choosing to complete the bonus assignment for make-up points on the test (mapping), it is due by next Friday 11/2.

In class, we worked through some Puritan documents, and worked on ideas about The Great Awakening.
HW: Read Lesson 3.1 and take notes by Tuesday/Wednesday; Read 3.2 – notes by Friday 11/2.

In class, students viewed The Crucible as an example of colonial life, and a fictionalized version of the Salem witch trials.  We also, did a short reading and analysis determining if Puritans were selfish or selfless.
HW: No assigned homework – BRING textbook on Wednesday/Thursday of next week.

FRIDAY 10/12
In class, students completed the text on topic 2 (2.2-2.5).
HW: No assigned homework.  Next week is mindfulness week

In class we finished colony presentations, and on Tuesday/Wednesday Mr. Lubell came into class to work on career fair things.  We also wrote an in class DBQ on Jamestown based on the packet we have been working on in class.
HW: Your exam over topic 2 (notes from class, and 2.2-2.5 in the text) will be Friday 10/12.  This will be a product grade in the grade book.  CLICK HERE for a study guide.  We will also do some in class review next Wednesday/Thursday.

In class, we started presenting colonies – we will pick them up next week.
HW: Your exam over topic 2 (notes from class, and 2.2-2.5 in the text) will be Friday 10/12.  This will be a product grade in the grade book.  CLICK HERE for a study guide.  We will also do some in class review next Wednesday/Thursday.

In class, students worked on completing their Colony sales project/presentation.  We will begin presenting on Friday 10/5.
HW: Read/Notes on 2.5 by Friday

In class, we continued some work on document analysis for the DBQ before getting into groups to work on the Colonial Sales Day. This IS NOT homework.  Students will have class time on Wed/Thur to finish work on the project before presenting to the class starting FRIDAY.
HW: Read/Notes on 2.5 by Friday

Today, classes started working with partners or groups on the Colonial Sales Day.  This IS NOT homework.  Students will have class time next week to work on the project before presenting to the class.
HW: Read and take notes on 2.3 if not already complete.  By Monday/Tuesday, read and take notes on 2.4.  Both 2.3 and 2.4 will be checked Mon/Tue.

In class, students worked through documents together for a DBQ we will be writing in class.  I was out on Thursday, so if students finished working through the documents, they worked on reading/notes.
HW: By Friday, read and take notes on 2.3.  By Monday/Tuesday, read and take notes on 2.4.  Notes from 2.2 will be checked in class Friday 9/28.

In class, we finished discussing Roanoke and started work on a DBQ for Jamestown – which will lead to an essay.
HW: By Friday, read and take notes on 2.3.  By Monday/Tuesday, read and take notes on 2.4.  Notes from 2.2 will be checked in class Wednesday/Thursday 9/26-9/27.

In class, we worked more on the Roanoke mystery files to find a theory for what might have happened to the colonists at Roanoke.  If you did not finish – bring back your sheets on Monday/Tuesday and you will be able to finish in class.
HW: Read AND take notes on the second part of 2.2 (from the Roanoke and Jamestown section on page 62- the end of the chapter on page 68).  The notes and reading are due on Monday/Tuesday 9/24-9/25.

In class, we discussed 2.1, and started work on 2.2 with “History Mystery” and setting up a colony.
HW: Submit letter to turnitin.com. Finish reading 2.2 and take notes on ONLY pages 62 (Roanoke and Jamestown) – 68…(DUE Monday/Tuesday 9/24-9/25).

In class, students completed the quiz from Friday, and worked on/submitted the Columbus letter/Opinion writing to turnitin.com.  If you were absent during class, and did not sign up for this website, email me your letter or turn in a hard copy by Friday of this week. I also checked and talked to each student about notes/note-taking strategies.
HW: Submit final copy of letter to turnitin.com if you did not finish during class.  The letter is due Wednesday 9/19 for periods 5/7 and Thursday 9/20 for periods 6/8.  Please start reading lesson 2.2 (pages 56-62) in the text – stop before reading Roanoke and Jamestown.  No notes are required for this reading.  We will work on 2.1 as a class and 2.2 together on Wed/Thur.

In class, students completed the Topic 1 quiz.  Some still need to finish short answer, and will have the opportunity on Monday/Tuesday.  Next week, we will finish the letter on Columbus in class and move to the next topic (2).
HW: No assigned homework this weekend.

In class, we discussed the age of exploration and trade (both historically and currently).  We read some opposing views on Columbus, and students received an in class writing.  They will write an argumentative letter arguing for removing Columbus Day from the calendar as a Federal holiday, or allowing schools to celebrate Columbus day with a day off from school.  They also have the option of writing a letter or opinion piece opposing an article we read in class about celebrating Columbus day.
HW: Only homework is to finish 1.3 if not done already – bring notes to class for an open note quiz Friday.  You will also have time to draft your letter in class on Friday.

I was out ill Monday and-Tuesday.  The class finished small group discussion questions on section 1.2 before starting independent work on 1.3 in class.  Once completed with 1.3, the class worked independently on two response questions.  If you were absent, I will get you caught up on Wed/Thur in class.
HW: Finish reading and notes on 1.3 if needed.  The two response questions ARE NOT homework.

In class, we finished discussing early indigenous groups in the Americas before starting some small group work/discussion on Europe, Africa, and China (1.2 in text).
HW: No assigned homework this weekend.  Get caught up on notes for 1.2 if needed.

In class, we started working on topic 1 in the text (The Early Americans).  I introduced Cornell notes (Click here for document passed out in class).  Students practiced with a portion of the chapter, and shared out in small groups.
HW: By our NEXT class (Thurs/Fri), read and take notes on 1.2 in the textbook. Use the Cornell method, an adapted Cornell method, or a method you are used to using for these notes.

In class, we started a discussed on early cultures and stereotyping.  We did a small activity to understand oral tradition.
HW: Finish PERSONAL FINANCIAL LITERACY.  By Tuesday 9/4 (periods 5/7) and Wednesday 9/5 (periods 6/8), complete the module and take the quiz all located online at the link above.

In class, we talked together and practiced notes on earning potential and types of income.  Students then had the opportunity to login to PERSONAL FINANCIAL LITERACY.  They worked on modules from reading paystubs, and understanding banking, to credit as an individualized online project.
HW: By next Tuesday 9/4 (periods 5/7) and Wednesday 9/5 (periods 6/8), complete the module and take the quiz all located online at the link above.  Turn in signed syllabus by Friday 8/31, and cover your textbook.  We will begin working with unit 1/chapter 1 in the text on Friday/Tues-Wed.  CLICK HERE to access the notes from class.

In class, we had a brief discussion of wants vs. needs, and economic systems.  Students started working through some lessons online at this link: PERSONAL FINANCIAL LITERACY.
We will be working through this program over the next few classes, so you need to see me in person to sign up if you are absent.
HW: Signed syllabus and cover textbook by Friday 8/31.

In class, we finished discussing procedures.  We had a discussion and worked on why we study history – along with bias found in history.  Students completed a “note-taking” exercise and worked on writing a perfect paragraph discussing their understanding on why we study history.
HW: Get your syllabus signed and returned by Friday 8/31.  If you took your paragraph with you to finish over the weekend (5th and 7th period only), and wish to refer to the reading – CLICK HERE for the reading from class – Why Study History?
Periods 6 and 8 will continue with the reading and response next Tuesday.

In class, we discussed the syllabus, class expectations, and constructed a bit of “art” to represent ideas behind American history, government, equality, freedom, and bias.
HW: Get syllabus signed by Friday August 31, 2018.  (8th period will receive the syllabus on Friday).

WELCOME BACK!! In class, we did some timeline activities and I started an introduction to the course. We will finish course introductions Wednesday.
HW: None assigned (begin to gather supplies)