Eng 2 Daily Assignments

In class, we finished discussing analysis over “What is an American?” Students then  worked on an independent assessment reading and analyzing the “Declaration of Independence” as a document in the literary genre of American Rationalism.  The outlined a potential rhetorical analysis.
HW: No assigned homework over the five day weekend.  Enjoy and relax.

MONDAY 10/14
In class, we practiced with more of the SOAPSTone, appeals, and devices used for rhetorical analysis by looking at the literary world of rationalism in literature.
HW: Due to midterm mindfulness week – no homework will be assigned this week.

FRIDAY 10/11
In class , we discussed a new strategy for analyzing rhetoric and practiced on visuals and a short non-fiction text.
HW: No assigned homework due to the start of midterm mindfulness next week.

In class, counselors came in to talk about graduation requirements, ICAP, career and college planning, and answer other questions students might have about classes and planning.
HW: No homework assigned

In class, students turned in their argumentative presentation, and we started discussing rhetoric.  We worked with some devices, and started work on a short piece of reading in class called “What is an American.”
HW: To practice a bit more with the rhetorical triangle (ethos, pathos, logos) and some of the devices discussed in class – watch a little TV, and look at some of the advertisements.  Evaluate their effectiveness based on our discussion of rhetoric from class today.  We will use some of your ideas to start class Wednesday.

In class, students that completed their argumentative presentation did some peer presenting and evaluating.  The official due date of the argumentative presentation is Monday 10/7 to turnitin.com.
HW: Complete any revisions or work you need to complete on the presentation.  You will not have time to work on these prior to turning them in Monday.

In class, we had a work/catch-up day to finish Pocahontas/John Smith reading and work.  Students started creating their argument presentations (not an essay).  Have the presentation ready to share on Friday 10/4.
HW: Finish the presentation to share on Friday with peers from class.

I told classes on Friday that I would not be in the building on Monday 9/30 due to a family matter.  You can find the instructions for class on Monday 9/30 below.
Today, you will be working on some research/reading about the John Smith/Pocahontas legend.
Look at the color sticker you have on your desk – that sticker will determine your reading for this first part.  As you read your articles, take notes on EITHER the graphic organizer given by the substitute under “My Texts” and the column for annotations next to it OR in your notebook.  You should take notes (with evidence) of the authors’ main idea and points made to support that main idea.  After you have finished reading your articles, you will work with students in your assigned group (Look for the letter – A through K – on the colored sticky note).  Those are your group members for sharing your articles AND for your discussion later in class on John Smith.  As each member of the group shares their articles, take notes on the graphic organizer OR in your notebook on their main ideas and supporting details.

  If you have blue, you will read Revisiting Pocahontas at 20 and The Enduring Legacy of the Pocahontas Myth

  If you have pink, you will read The True Story of Pocahontas and Redesigning Pocahontas

. If you have yellow, you will read Pocahontas articles and Pocahontas Information

Next task will be to read an excerpt from John Smith.  The substitute will guide you through the reading and give instructions on what you will do.  The reading is in your textbooks (found in your desk) on page 72.  Start by reading the background on John Smith found on page 70.  Once you have read the piece, you will discuss and/or write responses to some questions – Including the two questions found on the back on your graphic organizer from activity 1.

ONLY IF time permits, the substitute will pass out some questions and instructions for creating an argument with the information collected.  Start on this ONLY if time allows you to do so in class.  IT IS NOT homework.  You have no assigned homework today.

Thank you all for your work and understanding.  I will see you Wednesday.

In class, we started discussing the legend/myth of Pocahontas and John Smith.
HW: No assigned homework

I was out today.  In class, students completed the reading of sacred narratives with questions before completing a reading quiz on the narratives and homework reading. They had the opportunity to start writing their own origin story using elements of Native American Literature tales.  You can find the notes from class Monday by CLICKING HERE.  If they did not finish the origin narrative, it is homework for Friday.  If the story is handwritten, I am looking for one page single spaced – If it is typed, two pages double spaced.
HW: Finish your creative origin story by Friday.

In class, we discussed traits of Indigenous tribe’s sacred narrative tradition in North America.  Students read and applied the traits to a few narrative texts.
HW: Read the three narratives FOUND HERE and come to class with scratch notes (not turned in) about what traits you saw in each of the texts.

With so many students missing, we went over the homework, and started discussing our next unit a bit more.
HW: No assigned homework over the weekend.  Enjoy your weekend!

In class, we proofread writing, signed up for turnitin.com (if you still need to sign up, come in and see me), and worked on some info/activity on literary movements.
HW: Finish your literary movement activity by Friday.

In class, we discussed character conflicts and climax in the play, and students started working on the end of play writing task.
HW: Complete your short piece of writing by Wednesday.  You will proofread in class Wednesday, and submit to turnitin.com once registered for the course.

In class, students took a short quiz on Act 2, and had time to read from Act 3.
HW: Finish reading Act 3 by Monday.

In class, we discussed Act 2, scene 2 and started reading Act 2, scene 3. Please finish Act 2, scene 3 for homework. This is the scene that does not appear in the online version of the play we have been reading.  We will look at the scene and discuss it on Friday.  Mrs. Johnson
HW: Play can be found by CLICKING HERE. Read Act 2, scene 3 by Friday.

In class, we took a reading quiz over Act 1 and discussed Act 1 in small groups/whole class before viewing a performance of Act 2, scene 1.  We also started doing some work on grammar/mechanics looking at methods of coordination for sentence variety.
HW: Play can be found by CLICKING HERE. Read Act 2, scene 2 by Wednesday.

In class, we continued reading from the play A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry (finished Act 1, scene 1).  We did some work on characterization and symbols.
HW: Play can be found by CLICKING HERE. Read Act 1, scene 2 by Monday.  If you are able, continue on to Act2, scene 1 (we will view this in class Monday).

In class, we presented research from 1950’s context and started reading A Raisin in the Sun. Class material can be found by CLICKING HERE.
HW:No homework assigned. We will finish Act 1 together in class Thursday.

WEDNESDAY 8/28 and FRIDAY 8/30
In class, we discussed poems from Monday, and started a short research project on 1950 America to set the context for A Raisin in the Sun.
HW: Over the Labor Day weekend, if you have not completed the research – make sure you finish what is needed.  It must be edited and complete by Tuesday morning.  No other homework assigned.

In class, we discussed the homework and worked in small groups connecting and analyzing poems by Whitman, Hughes, Mckay, and Trembley.  Students had a little time to begin homework.
HW: Analyze “Shine, Perishing, Republic” by Robinson Jeffers.  After reading for comprehension, pose a level 2 or level 3 question.  After posing the question, answer the question with a one-two sentence thesis statement (claim) and construct one paragraph (at most two paragraphs) expanding on your thesis statement using evidence from the poem.  This is a diagnostic on writing using evidence, and constructing a thesis or claim. DUE Wednesday at the start of class.

In class, we launched our first unit on American identity.  Prior to discussing the concept in song, we reviewed/learned methods of questioning a text, and reviewed some literary terminology (diction, tone, mood, denotation, and connotation).
HW: Using the strategies from class, read, annotate, and question “next to of course god america i” by e.e. cummings.   Look for words that stand out, and define the word based on your emotional response/feeling to the word.  Then look up the dictionary definition of the word(denotation).  Identify a tone and mood for the song.  Finally, write down ONE level two question and ONE level three question for the poem.  We will have a class discussion Monday.

In class, we discussed policies, procedures,. books and units.  I passed out the syllabus.  The honors/Non-honors contract is due Friday 8/30.
HW: Get honors/Non-honors signed by Friday 8/30

In class, we completed a short poetry activity and some brief introductions.  I told students I would be passing out the syllabus and going over class procedures on Wednesday.  At that time, I will post a digital copy of the syllabus online.
HW: No homework assigned.  No specific supplies requested except a notebook, pens and pencils, and a folder to keep work.  Aside from that, any supplies that a student needs for success (sticky notes, highlighters, notecards).  I will have a novel list available once I pass out the syllabus in case students wish to purchase their own texts.