Semester 1: Foundations, Revolution, and Independence

Unit 1 includes chapter 1 (lessons 1, 2, and 3) in your textbook.

Essential Questions:
1. How did European exploration impact Native American cultures?
2. How did European exploration affect the development of America?

Enduring Understanding/Big Ideas:

1. Native American culture was advanced with the introduction of new technology, new ideas, and new goods. Native American culture was damaged because of loss of population, traditions, land, and sovereignty.
2. After conquest, Spanish America became very wealthy due to their enslavement of the native populations. After exploration, New France made alliances with Natives and focused on economic gain. After exploration, England struggled to gain a foothold in the New World and had mixed relations with the natives.

Chapter work 1.2
On Columbus Day – In class Article

Class Resources:
Topic 1: 1.1 Early Americans – Presentation from class 9/6-9/7
2.1 presentation
The Lost Colony of Roanoke
STUDY GUIDE for Topic 2 exam – Early settlers/colonists
The Great Awakening
Life in the Colonies
American Revolution – Road to revolution notes/simulation
Post Revolution Presentation – Presented on Monday/Tuesday 12/10-12/11
Review Activity Sort It and Assess It

Extra Resources:
Columbus video
Colonial Sale Day Instructions